Our Chef

Is married to Shiri, and they have two sweet daughters.

The chef has 20 years of culinary experience, which began when he worked in the Cooking Experience company of the late chef Shay Asael.

Several years later, he studied in France for two years at the Institute Paul Bocuse (IPB) in Lyon, where he trained under the finest French chefs, and learned the secrets of French pastry and cooking.

After returning to Israel, he established a prestigious catering company, a cooking school and culinary consulting service for restaurants and cafés.


In parallel, he served as the chef of the Rocca restaurant in Herzliya Pituah, was the chef of the Gazebbo and Al Hamayim restaurants, and collaborated in the establishment of restaurants and kitchens.


Currently, he is the chef and owner of the Silo restaurant, a member of the Café Gan Sipur group – which is the group's cherry on top...


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