Chef's workshops at Silo

New at the Silo - Cooking workshops with chef  Tal Cohen


Around the carpenter's table and in front Silo's wood-burning taboon, the restaurant's Chef, Tal Cohen conducts experiential, teaching and tasting workshops.

In the workshops you will learn to prepare a variety of surprising dishes, enjoy a wonderful atmosphere and fine wine.

The cooking workshops at Silo are held under the direction of Chef Tal Cohen, for groups of 10 participants, and include a gift, soft drinks and wine, dessert and hot drinks.

Each workshop includes preparation of 7 dishes.




We invite you to participate with love!


The number of participants is limited, so register ASAP!

To register, please call: 03-5733315

190 NIS per person.





190 NIS per participant in one workshop (sea, land and pasture, seafood 240 NIS, fowl 220 NIS)

NIS 175 per workshop for participants in 5 workshops (total NIS 875)

NIS 160 per workshop for participants in 10 workshops (total NIS 1600), including a chef's knife and an apron.

* The workshops are Kosher is general, with kosher and tasty alternatives provided for the few non-kosher dishes.

*The workshops are two hours long, from 16:00 to 18:00

* Cancellation up to 72 hours before the date of the workshop - full refund.

Any later, cancellation is not allowed, but you can sell / give your tickets to others.


Advance payment by credit card

* There may be changes in timetables based on advance notice


* There may be changes in the dishes according to fresh, variable stock considerations.



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